Do Security Cameras Have Audio?

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Do Security Cameras Have Audio | CPI Security Blog

The simple answer is yes – many security cameras have audio features. Those features usually fall into one of these categories: communication, triggering video recording, audio recording, and surveillance 


Do security cameras have audio and how does it work? 


Let’s take a closer look at the ways security cameras work with audio features to protect your home, family, and property: 


Two-way voice communication 


Many outdoor and indoor cameras are equipped with two-way audio – in fact, all CPI Home Security Cameras have this feature. You can use it to notify a stranger that you see them on your property, interact with a visitor at the front door, or communicate with a family member who’s inside or outside your home.  


Two-way communication is a powerful addition to your home security toolkit. It lets you use your security cameras with audio to engage with people in and around your home – whether you’re standing at the kitchen sink or thousands of miles away checking in from your home security app. 


Triggering video recording while issuing a warning   


Some security cameras with audio use their video and audio features to tag-team a response. Smart security cameras – like those equipped with CPI’s IVAN℠ video analytics – can distinguish a person, vehicle, or animal entering your property. CPI’s outdoor camera then uses its audio function to warn an intruder that they’ve entered private property and are being recorded.  


CPI Perimeter Alert


Benefits of security cameras with two-way audio 


The best security cameras with audio help you turn your security system into a household communication tool: 


  • When the kids get home from school but you’re still at work, chat with them through your cameras and app to hear about their day and remind them about homework or chores. 
  • If you’d like to keep a closer eye on aging parents or other loved ones, an indoor camera with audio can make it easy to check in on how they’re feeling, make sure they’re taking medications, and more. 
  • Sometimes, the best outdoor security camera with two-way audio is a doorbell – use your video doorbell to guide a package delivery or politely send a solicitor on their way.  


Best indoor security cameras with two-way audio 


CPI indoor camera


If you’re exploring indoor security cameras with audio functionality, CPI Security has different options to consider.  

For example, our motion-activated, IVAN℠ enabled Indoor Security Camera with audio helps you keep tabs on kids, pets, and more. Along with its other capabilities, it includes two-way audio.  


A toy-related dispute in the playroom? Referee right from your home office, then get back to reviewing that report. Does Buddy have his paws on the couch again? Remind him that he knows better – then watch the camera’s video feed as he tries to figure out where your voice is coming from.  


If you’re looking for an indoor security camera with audio, as well as a broader view and more interactivity, CPI Security’s IVAN℠ enabled 180 Camera could be a perfect solution. It not only provides a full 180° window into what’s happening in your home – it includes one-tap, two-way calling. With the simple push of a button, an aging family member or child who’s home alone can reach you through the app.   


CPI's Indoor 180 Degree Camera


Best outdoor security cameras with two-way audio 


For the best outdoor security setup, use cameras with two-way audio to take things up a notch – from the edge of your property right to the front door.  


CPI Security’s Outdoor Camera is IVAN℠ and Perimeter Alert enabled. Think of Perimeter Alert as your home’s 24/7 security guard – it stops bad actors in their tracks, instead of just recording them for later. The AI-powered IVAN℠ capability can detect when someone’s trespassing, delivers powerful audio and visual alerts right through the camera, and sends the would-be thief running while your home stays safe and secure.   


CPI"s Outdoor Camera


Of course, there are plenty of cases when the person entering your property is there because you want them to be. That’s where CPI Security’s Video Doorbell Pro may be the best outdoor security camera with two-way audio for your needs. With a 150° vertical field of view, you can see more of what’s happening at the front door. And even if the visitor doesn’t ring the doorbell, you’ll know they’re there – and they’ll see the bell light up green to let them know they’re being monitored.  


Use two-way audio to tell the delivery driver exactly where to leave your groceries, without making them fumble to press the bell. And those unwelcome solicitors won’t even get a chance to disrupt your peace – you’ll get an alert, see who’s there, and politely let them know it’s time to leave. 


Still not sure how to get the most out of home security cameras with audio? Contact CPI Security today to get started. 


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