CPI’s Glass Break Detector Scares Off Burglars

by | May 15, 2023 | Featured Post, Real Stories

Glass Break Detector in Action

Two different burglars tried to break into Bailey’s Tobacco and Grill within 9 days of each other. Both burglars used similar tactics, but CPI’s Glass Break Detector and Real Time Response℠ scared them off before they could get inside. 



Glass Break Detector Deters First Burglar


Just before 3:00 a.m. on March 15, a person wearing a mask approached the Bailey, N.C. gas station. Using a hammer, the burglar smashed the glass on the front door of the business. Within seconds of the glass breaking, CPI Security’s alarm system sounded, and the burglar ran away.  

Because owner Mr. Hunter had CPI Security install a Glass Break Detector, the alarm was triggered within seconds of the glass shattering, deterring the burglar and saving his store from being burglarized. 


Glass Break Detector Stops Second Burglar


Just nine days later, another burglar came creeping around Mr. Hunter’s store in the wee hours of the morning. CPI Security’s Business Surveillance Cameras showed a man with a grey sweatshirt and basketball shorts peeking through the store windows. He came back carrying a black bag and a rock. It took him three attempts to break the glass door, but CPI’s glass break detector went off again. The alarm and CPI’s Real Time Response scared him off too.  

During both attempted break-ins, CPI Security’s Business Cameras detected the burglars using AI-technology and alerted Hunter in real time through the inTouchTM app. He watched the video footage and saw how the CPI Security system stopped the burglars in their tracks.  

“And that’s why we trust CPI to protect our store,” Mr. Hunter said.  

CPI and Mr. Hunter shared the video with the police for their investigation. The perpetrators have not yet been identified.  


Interested in learning how glass break detectors work? Visit our blog to learn more. Thousands of small business trust CPI to protect and monitor their livelihood around the clock. If you’re interested in securing your small business with CPI Security, contact us today to learn more 

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