How to Catch Someone Sneaking Around Your House

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How to catch someone sneaking around your house | CPI Security Blog

It can be unsettling to think someone may be sneaking around your house, but it regrettably happens. So, why would someone sneak around your home, and what steps can you take to prevent them from sneaking around in the first place? We break down the answers to these questions and more in the blog below. 


Why Is Someone Sneaking Around My Home? 


People may be sneaking around for all sorts of reasons, but let’s be honest: none of them are good ones. They could be scoping out your home as a potential target for burglary or they’re bored teenage kids looking to create mischief.  The truth is, that you won’t know why someone is looking at your house without getting confirmation from them.  


Whatever the reason, if you suspect someone may be sneaking around your home, there are a few different approaches you can take to catch them and protect your home in the process. It’s essential to be prepared for these instances. After all, the safety and security of one’s family and home are at the top of anyone’s priority list. 



5 Signs Someone is Sneaking Around Your House 


Are you worried that your house is being targeted? Keep an eye out for these five signs that your home may be being watched.  


  1. A broken window, lightbulb, or shed door.  
  2. A new face walks by your property multiple times over a set period – especially if they’re carrying a camera or trying hard to obstruct their face.   
  3. Likewise, if you see a vehicle making several passes, that could signify that someone is keeping an eye on your property.  
  4. Trash that has been rummaged through (be sure to always shred personal documents).  
  5. Multiple door-to-door visits at different times over a couple of days. 


Steps to Deter Someone from Sneaking Around Your Home 


  1. Set Up a Home Security Camera 
  2. Install a Home Security System 
  3. Create a Neighborhood Watch 
  4. Consider Getting a Dog 


Set Up a Camera 


CPI Outdoor Camera



Security cameras are a powerful deterrent for keeping would-be snoopers away from your property and identifying trespassing individuals. These can be installed on porch ceilings, near gutters overlooking the driveway, or near windows overlooking the yard—anywhere that you would like to keep an eye on.  


We recommend opting for outdoor security cameras that leverage AI and motion detection software to send you real-time alerts when anyone is in sight of the camera and near your house. You can then watch what they’re doing, ensure you are recording footage, and alert the authorities if necessary.  


Install a Home Security System


If a wireless camera setup isn’t enough, and in many cases, it won’t be, you should also consider installing a home security system, like the one offered by CPI. These provide an extra layer of security and comfort for your home and family by providing 24/7 protection from anyone approaching your home. 


With a CPI home security system, the professional installation ensures that everything is installed correctly, and the Real Time Response means that your family will always be protected. These are an excellent investment in the safety of your family and home, and their mere presence deters intruders from robbing your home. 


Create a Neighborhood Watch 


Another great option to help protect your home and catch potential threats in the act is to create a neighborhood watch. This is a great way for residents in a community to support and protect each other.  


Start by looking into your city’s neighborhood watch regulations. From there, you’ll be able to register your watch and gain access to law enforcement and resources. The National Neighborhood Watch association has more information on starting your neighborhood watch.  


Once you have started your neighborhood watch, place signs marketing the watch around your neighborhood. The more aware potential threats are of the watch, the less likely they’ll view your property as a potential target.  


Consider Getting a Dog 


Dogs are great for so many reasons:  they’re fun, provide great company, and maybe best of all, can alert you when a stranger is near your house. Due to their uncanny ability to detect an intruder, most dog breeds will bark and alert you when a stranger is near. 


This can be great whether you’re home or not. If you’re home, it gives you added time to prepare yourself or contact the authorities. If you’re not at home, there’s still a good chance that the dog’s barking deters the person from sneaking around your property. 


What to Do If I Catch Someone Sneaking Around My House? 


If you happen to catch someone sneaking around your house or breaking in, it’s best not to confront the person yourself. Contact the authorities immediately and inform them of the situation.  


Keep watching the suspect on the camera, making note of anything they break or steal, and the time that the incident occurs. All of this information will be useful later when dealing with the authorities and insurance agents. 


Should I Be Concerned If Someone Is Sneaking Around My Home? 


Simply put, yes.  


There’s no good reason for a stranger to sneak around your home, and you should protect yourself accordingly.  


The best ways to prevent someone from sneaking around your home are also the best ways to catch them. Signs in your yard that explicitly state that you have a home security system, visible cameras, and an active neighborhood watch will help deter people from sneaking around your house.  


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