How You Can Use Your CPI Security System to Keep an Eye on the Kids this Summer

by | Jun 24, 2024 | Security Cameras

Kids playing in driveway

You may have gotten a CPI Security System to protect against intrusion and fires, but it can also add a level of convenience to your life you may not have expected. This blog will discuss how your surveillance cameras can double to keep an eye on your kids this summer.  


Outdoor Camera 

Your CPI Security Outdoor Camera is equipped with artificial intelligence to detect people, animals, objects, and more. So, you’ll be alerted anytime suspicious activity is detected on your property. As an added benefit, your CPI Security outdoor camera features Perimeter Alert, LED lights and an audible whistle that deters bad actors from proceeding. It stops trouble before it starts.  

But your CPI Outdoor camera is for more than just recording and deterring crime. It can also be used to keep an eye on your children. With remote monitoring from your CPI inTouch® app, you can check in on the kids playing outside at any time.  

Your camera features two-way audio. Of course, you can use it to thwart off the bad guys, but have you ever thought about using it to call the kids in for dinner? Here’s how two-way audio works.  


Indoor Camera 

Your CPI Security indoor camera is great for verifying emergencies, but it’s also helpful for keeping an eye on your children. Washing dishes in the kitchen and hear an argument in the other room? You can open the inTouch app, view what’s going on in the live video stream, and even talk to your them via two-way audio.  



180-Degree Indoor Camera 

Consider using CPI Security’s 180-degree indoor camera to keep an eye on your children this summer. You can move this camera around to meet your needs. Think of it like a baby monitor with a 180-degree field-of-view and two-way audio.  


Doorbell Camera 

Say you’re out running errands and the kids are just getting home from summer camp or a friend’s house. No problem! With a CPI Smart Door Lock, your kids can unlock the door with their own unique code or you can unlock the door for them remotely with your CPI inTouch app. Paired with a CPI Video Doorbell, you can greet them with two-way audio.  



Of course, your CPI Security System is always there to protect you against intrusion, fire, and environmental threats. But remember, you can always use your system to add more convenience to your life, like keeping an eye on your kids over the summer. For more safety tips, visit our blog today.  

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