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CPI Security stands tall as the unrivaled leader in home security systems across the Southeast. With our unwavering commitment to providing peace of mind to homes and families, we take immense pride in serving our local communities.
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Look For The Sign

Since 83% of would-be burglars check to see if a home has a security system before attempting a break-in*, a smart home security system from CPI Security can help burglar-proof your home while giving you some extra peace of mind. Plus, nothing catches the eye quite like the classic red CPI Security yard sign.

Our Top-Selling System Includes

SmartHub | CPI Security

SmartHub Touch Screen

Motion Sensors | Security Sensors | CPI Security

Motion Sensor

Security Sensors | Door and Window Contacts | CPI Security

Door/Window Sensors (x3)

Safety Alarms | Smart Smoke Detector | CPI Security

Smart Smoke Detector

Outdoor Camera | CPI Security

Outdoor Camera

Perimeter Alert + IVAN℠ + Two-Way Audio
Essentials Video Doorbell Camera | CPI Security

Essentials Doorbell Camera

IVAN℠ + Two-Way Audio

Indoor Camera | CPI Security

Indoor Camera

IVAN℠ + Two-Way Audio

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Advanced Security Camera Technology

Two-way Audio | Outdoor Camera | CPI Security

See, Hear, and Speak Through Your Security Camera

Each of these three security cameras feature two-way audio, allowing you to not only see what’s happening in your home, but also hear and talk back – it’s like being home even when you’re not.

IVAN℠ Technology

Smarter Security Thanks to IVAN℠ Technology

IVAN℠ (Intelligent Video Activity Notifications) enhances your security capabilities and helps you stay more connected to your home day to day. With IVAN, your cameras discern between people, animals, and vehicles and provide you with real-time video alerts that allow you to watch the video clips directly from your phone.

Outdoor Camera | IVAN Tech | CPI Security

Perimeter Alert Deters Crime

What’s it like having your own personal security guard 24/7? Here’s how Perimeter Alert works:

Perimeter Alert | Security Cameras | CPI Security

Intruder detected

Your AI-powered Outdoor Camera or Video Doorbell Pro detects when someone trespasses on your property & approaches your home.

Intruder warned

The would-be thief sees and hears they’re being recorded with an audio and visual alert through your security camera.

Intruder sent running

Knowing they're being watched, the intruder high-tails it out of there, keeping your home & family safe and sound.

Top Reasons to Trust CPI Security as Your Home Security Provider

Our purpose is to help our customers gain peace of mind by protecting what matters most to them and leading safer lives, all while staying connected to home. We do this with:
Real Time Response | CPI Security

Only CPI has Real Time Response℠

CPI’s central station operators leverage audio and video to verify alarms and pass critical information. By verifying alarms, first responders are answering fewer false alarms, leading to faster response times when there is a real emergency.

Protecting and Responding to More | CPI Security

Protecting, Preventing, & Responding to More

CPI believes in providing complete protection, which is why we include intrusion and fire monitoring in all systems. Plus, our Fire Communicator is more than just a smoke detector. CPI will confirm an emergency and dispatch the fire department, even if you’re not home to respond yourself.

Advanced Camera Technology | CPI Security

Superior to "Off-the-Shelf" Cameras

CPI uses the most advanced camera technology, installed professionally, to ensure optimal coverage & connectivity. The technology detects and deters threats, while simultaneously notifying you of critical activities inside and outside of your home.

CPI Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind, Guaranteed

CPI stands behind the equipment we install. With CPI’s lifetime warranty, CPI will repair or replace any malfunctioning device at no additional cost to you. CPI’s Service Plus is included with all security packages.

We are Your Neighbor | CPI Security

We Are Your Neighbor

CPI has been family-owned since its inception. All CPI representatives are employed directly by CPI and are part of the CPI family. Each CPI team member is motivated to provide you and your family with the same protection we provide our own.

HEARTest Yard 2021 Charlotte, NC | CPI Security

CPI Security Supports the Local Communities

CPI Security has established itself as the undisputed leader in Home Security systems throughout the Southeast. Our unwavering dedication to the safety and well-being of our customers is what sets us apart. We take great pride in serving our local communities, going above and beyond to deliver exceptional security solutions.

With state-of-the-art technology and a team of highly trained professionals, we provide comprehensive protection that surpasses industry standards. We understand the unique challenges and concerns faced by homeowners in each community we serve, and we tailor our services accordingly. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and delivering unparalleled reliability, CPI Security remains the trusted choice for countless households, ensuring that our local communities can rest easy knowing their homes are safeguarded.

Serving the Southeast

For years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing top-notch security solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers. From cutting-edge technology to round-the-clock monitoring, our comprehensive approach ensures the utmost protection for our valued clients.

We understand the unique needs of each community we serve, and our team of highly skilled professionals is deeply rooted in the local fabric, building trust and fostering lasting relationships. At CPI Security, we are passionate about ensuring peace of mind, enabling residents to feel secure and confident in their homes.

Corporate Office | CPI Security
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