8 Backyard and Patio Safety Tips

by | Feb 14, 2024 | Safety Tips

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The spring season is nearly upon us! Which means you may be cleaning up your backyard or back patio to enjoy the fresh spring weather. But before you enjoy some rest and relaxation outside, here are eight backyard safety tips to ensure your home oasis stays safe and secure from thieves, weather, and any other threat that may come your way.


Backyard Safety Tip 1: Secure Fenced in Areas with Locks

If your backyard or back patio is secured with a fence, make sure your fence is secured with a lock. Pad locks are one of the most common ways to secure your fence, as they are simple, yet durable.

Backyard Safety Tip 2: Utilize Outdoor Security Cameras

As you are looking to secure the perimeter of your home, consider installing outdoor security cameras to keep tabs on your backyard and back patio. Not only will they keep watch 24/7, but CPI Security cameras feature AI-powered technology known as IVAN (Intelligent Video Activity Notifications) that will alert you to anyone, animal, or object that is detected in your backyard or patio.

Additionally, CPI Outdoor Cameras feature Perimeter Alert, which uses audible tones and flashing LED lights to deter burglars from proceeding.


Backyard Safety Tip 3: Secure Outdoor Sheds

Having an outdoor shed is a great way to keep your outdoor belongings secure from thieves and the weather. But you also must secure your outdoor shed. Just like your backyard make sure you lock the shed, utilize outdoor cameras, and security sensors. Consider installing CPI’s extended outdoor security sensor that is tamper-resistant and waterproof. If anyone opens a window or door to your shed, your CPI Security inTouchTM app will send you an alert. For more tips on securing your outdoor shed, visit our blog.

Bonus: CPI’s extended outdoor security sensor also works on garages, barns, pool houses, gates, golf carts, boats, lawn equipment, and more.  


CPI's Extended Outdoor Security Sensor

Backyard Safety Tip 4: Use Proper Lighting

A simple backyard safety tip is to utilize proper lighting. Burglars like to hide in the dark of the night, but you can deter them with a well-lit backyard. Even better, is if you can utilize automated lighting.


Backyard Safety Tip 5: Clean-Up Your Landscaping

Another way burglars like to hide is behind overgrown landscaping and shrubbery. Make sure your landscaping is well-kept. If your landscaping is overgrown, it appears no one is home which also tells a burglar that the home is vacant, making it an easier target for a burglary.


Backyard Safety Tip 6: Anchor Furniture to the Ground

A windy day can blow your outdoor furniture away with a simple gust. Make sure you are securing your outdoor furniture by anchoring it to the ground.


 Backyard Safety Tip 7: Use Steel Cables to Prevent Theft

If you are worried about thieves getting away with your furniture, consider using a steel cable to prevent theft. All you have to do is purchase a steel cable and run it through the base of several different pieces of furniture, then lock it with a store-bought padlock. This makes it significantly more difficult for criminals to get away with your belongings.


Backyard Safety Tip 8: Protect Furniture from the Elements

It’s not just burglars you need to worry about, you also need to protect your backyard and patio from the elements. Make sure you protect your patio furniture with covers, especially if you know bad weather is approaching. During the winter months or off season, consider removing cushions and pillows and storing them in a covered location.


Still unsure if you backyard is secure? Consider calling CPI Security for a professional security consultation. CPI security experts will do a walkthrough of your home inside and out to ensure your property is secured from top to bottom. Not only will your equipment be professionally installed, but it will also be professionally monitored. Meaning if an alarm is triggered, CPI’s 24/7 professional monitoring center will respond in real-time to get you the help you need quickly.

For more safety tips to ensure a safe and secure home, visit CPI Security’s blog.



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