6 Ways to Improve Small Business Security During the Holiday Season

by | Dec 1, 2023 | Safety Tips

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As the holiday season approaches, businesses around the globe prepare for a significant surge in activity. This festive period, characterized by a flurry of transactions, bustling stores, and overflowing online shopping carts, is crucial for many small businesses. However, amidst the festive cheer and increased sales, a critical concern often takes a backseat – business security. Stay tuned as we delve into practical and actionable measures you can take to safeguard your business during one of the most beautiful—and busiest—times of the year.


The Risks Businesses Face During the Holidays


The holiday season may be a joy (and increased profits) for businesses, but it can also bring unique security challenges for businesses, including:

  1. Theft: With increased foot traffic in physical stores and more parcels being delivered for online purchases, the risk of theft increases during the holidays. Shoplifting, employee theft, and porch pirates (stealing packages from doorsteps) become more prevalent, causing significant business losses. In fact, a recent survey of small business owners conducted by Forbes finds that 56% of retailers anticipate that their business will be affected by theft during this year’s holiday season.
  2. Cyber Threats: As businesses amp up their online presence and customers flock to e-commerce platforms for holiday shopping, cybercriminals see a ripe opportunity for exploitation. Phishing attacks, data breaches, and credit card fraud can increase exponentially during this period. Threats like ransomware attacks during the holidays have shown an increase of as much as 30% in recent years.
  3. Increased Customer Traffic: Both online and offline stores experience a surge in customer traffic during the holidays. While this influx can benefit businesses, it can also strain resources and expose vulnerabilities. In physical stores, overcrowding can lead to safety concerns and provide a conducive environment for theft. Online, increased traffic can overload servers, leading to downtime and providing an opening for cyber-attacks.
  4. Employee Errors: The holiday season often requires temporary staff to handle the increased workload. However, these temporary employees might need more training in security protocols, leading to potential breaches due to human error.


Understanding these risks is the first step towards enhancing your business security during the holiday season. The following section will discuss strategies to mitigate these risks and ensure your business remains secure while you focus on capitalizing on the holiday rush.


Improve Your Small Business Security This Holiday Season with These 6 Tips

  1. Upgrade Physical Security Measures
  2. Enhance Cybersecurity
  3. Train Staff on Security Protocols
  4. Manage Cash Handling
  5. Plan for Emergency Situations
  6. Review and Update Insurance Policies


Tip #1: Upgrade Physical Security Measures


A robust physical security system can deter potential thieves and help maintain a safe environment for both customers and employees. There are several ways to upgrade your physical security measures:

Invest in Modern Security Cameras: High-resolution security cameras can provide clear footage of your store’s activities. They can be instrumental in identifying thieves or any suspicious behavior.

Use High-Quality Locks: Your business’s doors and windows are the first line of defense against break-ins. Using high-quality locks can significantly enhance your store’s security.

Hire Additional Security Personnel: Having extra eyes on the floor during the holiday rush can be very beneficial. Additional security personnel can help prevent theft and manage crowds effectively.

Find The Right Partner: Consider partnering with a trusted security provider like CPI Business Security Systems. We offer comprehensive security solutions tailored to your business needs, ensuring your store remains safe during the busy holiday season.


Tip #2: Enhance Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is just as critical as physical security. Cyber threats can lead to substantial financial losses and damage to your business’ reputation. Here are some ways to bolster your cybersecurity:

Update Software Regularly: Cybercriminals often exploit outdated software. Regular updates can fix security vulnerabilities and protect your business from cyberattacks.

Employ Stronger Passwords: Simple and commonly used passwords are easy targets for hackers. Encourage your team to use complex passwords or passphrases and change them regularly.

Educate Employees About Phishing Scams: Phishing scams can trick employees into revealing sensitive information. Be sure your employees know that you, as the owner or manager, would never ask them to purchase gift cards, wire money, or take any similar actions through an email or SMS. Regular training sessions and drills can help your team recognize and avoid such scams.


Tip #3: Train Staff on Security Protocols

Your employees play a key role in maintaining security. Whether handling cash, managing customer information, or spotting suspicious behavior, well-trained staff can significantly reduce security risks.

Here are a couple ways to improve staff training:

Regular Training Sessions: Conducting regular training sessions can ensure that your employees are up to date with the latest security protocols.

Clear Communication: Ensure your security policies and procedures are clearly communicated to all staff members – including temporary employees. They should know what to do in case of a security breach.

Role-Playing Scenarios: Role-playing scenarios can help employees understand how to handle potential security threats. This hands-on approach can be more effective than simply reading a manual.


Tip #4: Manage Cash Handling

Handling large amounts of cash is common during the holiday shopping frenzy, making businesses attractive targets for thieves. It’s crucial to have secure cash handling procedures in place.

Make Regular Deposits: Don’t accumulate large amounts of cash in your cash registers. Make regular deposits to minimize the amount of cash on hand.

Secure Storage: Invest in a high-quality safe to store cash securely. Ensure the safe is out of sight and accessible only to authorized personnel.

Limit Cash Handling: Promote digital transactions to minimize the need for cash handling. This not only reduces the risk of theft, but also helps streamline operations.


Tip #5: Plan for Emergency Situations

Fire, power outages, or natural disasters can occur without warning even during the holiday season. Having an emergency response plan can help minimize damage and ensure the safety of your staff and customers. Here’s how to create an effective emergency response plan:

Identify Potential Emergencies: Assess your business location and operations to identify potential emergencies. These could range from natural disasters to equipment failures.

Develop Response Procedures: For each identified emergency, develop a response procedure. This should outline the steps to take, key responsibilities, and evacuation plans if necessary.

Train Your Staff: Regularly train your staff on these procedures. They should know what to do and who to contact in an emergency.


Tip #6: Review and Update Insurance Policies

Insurance is your safety net in case something goes wrong.

Check Coverage Limits: Ensure your policy covers the maximum possible loss your business could sustain. If your business has grown or increased inventory for the holidays, you may need to increase your coverage.

Review Policy Exclusions: Insurance policies often have exclusions—situations where coverage doesn’t apply. Make sure you understand the exclusions and consider additional coverage if necessary.

Update Information: If there have been changes in your business—like new equipment, increased inventory, or additional locations—update this information in your policy.


Remember, proactive security measures can help you focus on what’s important during the holiday season—serving your customers and growing your business. Be prepared, stay vigilant, and enjoy a successful and secure holiday season.

Don’t let security concerns hinder your holiday success. Take a proactive step towards safeguarding your business. CPI Security Systems has been protecting businesses in the southeast for over 30 years, offering security systems, video monitoring, and smart business solutions.

Visit CPI Security Systems today and discover how their robust business security solutions can help keep your business safe and secure this holiday season.

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