4 Ways CPI Security Reduces False Alarms

by | Oct 24, 2023 | Featured Post, Home Security

CPI Security Central Station Operator

CPI Security’s mission is to keep our communities safe. To do so, we use a variety of measures to get first responders to emergencies as quickly as possible. Part of reducing response times is ensuring we dispatch first responders to actual emergencies and not just false alarms. When first responders are dispatched to a verified alarm, they can prioritize their response, leading to a quicker response time. This blog will discuss four ways CPI Security reduces false alarms, leading to quicker response times and better outcomes during emergencies.  


Reducing False Alarms with Real Time Response℠

CPI Security pioneered Real Time Response, a method CPI Security uses to verify emergencies. When an alarm is triggered, a CPI Security Central Station Operator will come across the customer’s two-way speaker to either confront an intruder or ask if authorities are needed, depending on the type of alarm. Real Time Response leverages audio and video to verify emergencies before dispatching first responders. By confirming the emergency before dispatch, first responders will know they are being dispatched to an actual alarm, not a false alarm.  

To learn more about how CPI’s Real Time Response works, watch the video below.  



Reducing False Alarms with Two-Call Verification 


During burglar alarms, if CPI doesn’t get a response from the customer over the two-way speaker, our Central Station operators will begin to call individuals listed on the customer’s emergency contact list. If the operator cannot reach the customer by phone, then they will dispatch authorities. By utilizing two-call verification (Real Time Response and calling the customer), CPI Security is reducing false alarms because this still gives the customer the opportunity to cancel the alarm before a dispatch is made. After dispatch, CPI will continue calling the customer’s additional emergency contacts.  

In the case of life safety alarms (i.e., fire, carbon monoxide, panic, and duress alarms), where there is a greater potential for loss of life, CPI dispatches immediately after receiving no response over two-way speaker.  


Reducing False Alarms with Cancel/Verify 


When an alarm is triggered, an alert is sent to the customer’s inTouch™ app. They have the option to cancel, indicating that they do not need assistance, or verify that they do need assistance within two minutes of the triggered alarm. This is done by holding down a cancel or verify button through the inTouch app. Since rolling out this feature in 2020, CPI Security saw a reduction in false alarm dispatches by about 23%.  

View the video below to see how Cancel/Verify works.  





Launched in 2011, ASAP started as a public-private partnership to increase efficiency and reliability of emergency electronic signals from monitoring companies, also known as PSAPs or ECCs. Think of it as a virtual or electronic handoff between an alarm company’s central station and the local emergency communication centers. Typically, alarm companies manually call the emergency communication center when a dispatch is needed. But with ASAP, alarm signals summon emergency services electronically in a matter of milliseconds to seconds. By sending an alarm signal over ASAP, we can quickly transmit critical information to authorities, such as the customer’s name, address, alarm type, and other details without wasting valuable time on hold or speaking to someone. This guarantees accurate information to the dispatch center including an exact address geolocated for responding authorities.  


ASAP leverages the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS) to transfer the alarm signal efficiently and securely. The NLETS is a nationwide message switching center that facilitates interstate exchange of criminal justice and related information.   


CPI Security has fully embraced ASAP to PSAP and has seen tremendous gains in efficiencies for the jurisdictions that make use of it. CPI Security is currently working with 18 jurisdictions in our footprint and will continue to engage with others to help bring them on board in any way that we can.    


For more information on how ASAP to PSAP works, view our blog 


CPI Security follows recommendations provided by members of the police community to ensure the fast response possible, while reducing false alarm dispatches. CPI Security is committed to exploring and optimizing new technologies and procedures to ensure the fastest response possible, reduce false alarm dispatches, and preserve community resources. For more information on CPI Security’s award-winning monitoring center, click here 

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