Video Verification for Alarm Systems Explained

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Video Verification

From home security cameras to business security, community surveillance and more, video surveillance is not uncommon in today’s world. In fact, it’s estimated that video evidence is used in about 80 percent of crimes.1 Not only has video surveillance proven to reduce crime2, but it also helps law enforcement solve crimes3, and even helps first responders respond to emergencies more quickly. This blog will explain the importance of video surveillance, video verification, what it means, and how it improves first responders’ response rates.

What is Video Verification?

Video verification is the act of an alarm company, like CPI Security, accessing a customer’s video cameras, with their permission, to verify there is an emergency during alarm triggered events. When the alarm company can visually verify a break-in, fire, or medical emergency, they can confirm to 911 dispatch centers there is a confirmed emergency that needs emergency response. Video also provides the monitoring center to communicate important situational information about the event that can improve response and apprehension rates.

In order to visually verify an emergency, a customer must have security cameras that are monitored. To learn more about 24/7 professional monitoring, click here.

How Video Verification Reduces False Alarms

Without cameras, CPI Security central station operators can only rely on audio or other security measures like door sensors, glass break, motion detectors, or other security solutions that may trigger an alarm.

CPI Customers can help reduce false alarms by accessing their own cameras, verifying there is no emergency, and canceling the alarm before the central station monitoring center dispatches. Quick customer notification and response with video greatly reduces false alarms.

How Video Verification Improves Response Times

When alarm companies can visually verify an emergency, they can tell 911 dispatchers there is a confirmed emergency with threat to property or threat to life. This allows first responders to prioritize alarms they are responding to, leading to faster response times to actual emergencies.


For more information on video verification or how to install a 24/7 professionally installed and monitored home or business security system, contact CPI Security today.



1Bureau of Justice Assistance, “Video Evidence A Primer for Prosecutors”

2McMaster Optimal Aging Portal, “CCTV surveillance found to be a key tool in crime prevention”

3Australian Government Institute of Criminology, “Does CCTV help police solve crime?”

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