Carbon Monoxide Detector Saves Graniteville, SC Family

by | Feb 29, 2024 | Featured Post, Real Stories

Customer Alexis and Central Station Operator Tea'Kay

It was a Wednesday afternoon when Alexis Williams heard an alarm she’d never heard before.  

Just in case, CPI Security Central Station Operator Tea’Kay Smith encouraged her and her family to get out of the home in case there were high levels of carbon monoxide found.  

“I’m going to get the fire department out there to check carbon levels in the home. Okay?” Smith said.  “If you have any children or pets, grab your jackets and things, and I’m going to have them come out.  

There are more than 400 people who die of unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning in the U.S. each year. If Williams, her son, and dog hadn’t left their home, they could have become part of that statistic.  

“I’m so thankful we had CPI for encouraging us to get out,” Williams said.  

The fire department came to the Williams home and found deadly levels of carbon monoxide coming from their garage and creeping into their home.  

About a month later, Williams met Tea’Kay Smith for the first time after saving her family.   

With a CPI Smart Carbon Monoxide Detector, CPI will contact the authorities for you. So, whether you’re home, away, or unable to contact them yourself, you can rest assured that help will arrive if there’s ever a CO leak. 

Contact CPI Security today to get a monitored carbon monoxide detector and a whole home smart security system.  

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