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Package Theft Prevention | CPI Security Blog

CPI Security surveyed a portion of its customers to gain better package theft statistics and how home security systems can help deter such thefts. As a result, CPI launched Perimeter Alert and Package Detection and Retrieval Alerts to help protect customers’ packages. Based on our survey, here’s what we learned about package theft statistics in the Southeast.  


How Many Victims of Package Theft Had Home Security? 


One of the best ways to deter thieves from stealing your deliveries off the front porch is having a home security system, including a video doorbell. We asked CPI Security customers if they ever had a package stolen. About 14% of respondents say they have had a package stolen before, and roughly two-thirds of them didn’t have any type of security devices installed at the time. Since having a package stolen, 89% of them added some type of video security device after the theft.  

Since getting CPI Security, 90% of respondents say they believe their CPI Security system has helped deter thieves from stealing their packages. Additionally, about 92% of them were interested in having a package detection feature added to their CPI Video Doorbell.  



General Package Theft Statistics


Package Thefts Spike During the Holiday Season 


As you may have suspected, package thefts spike during the holiday season. CPI Security’s package theft survey found consumers to be 2.5 times more likely to have a package stolen in December. This is consistent with national data which shows package thefts spike heading into the holiday season. ** National data also shows an increase of porch piracy as workers return to the office after working from home during the pandemic.  



Likelihood of Package Thefts by Month


What is Being Stolen? 


Of the packages that are stolen, survey respondents say clothes and accessories were the most common goods stolen. Home goods and electronics were the second and third most common types of good stolen, respectively.  

Of the packages that were stolen, most stolen goods were in the $100 to $250 price range.  



Contents of Package Thefts



Have you had a package stolen and aren’t sure what to do? Check out our blog which breaks down eight steps to take after a package theft. And contact a CPI Security expert today to add more security measures, like CPI’s Video Doorbell Pro featuring Perimeter Alert and Package Theft Detection and Retrieval Alerts, to protect your packages moving forward.  



*CPI Security Package Theft Survey: CPI Security surveyed 221 customers about package thefts in May of 2023. 

**, “2022 Package Theft Annual Report” 

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