Travel Prep: How to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

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This travel season is sure to be busy, with many hoping to see family and friends they may have missed last holiday season  With travel on the rise, the need to take extra precautions when securing and protecting your home rises as well. Fortunately, your CPI smart home security system has your back as you head out to visit family and friends.  Consider this:  

So, when you’re ready to kick back and relax, you should be able to do just that.   We’ll keep watch while you’re awayPair these proactive measures with your CPI smart home security system and relax knowing your home is safe while on vacation. 

General Safety Tips While Preparing for Vacation

Prune your landscaping. 

Whether you cut your grass and tidy your shrubbery or save time by hiring landscapersan unkempt yard can be an indicator to criminals that someone isn’t home.  

Pro Tip: As you trim your landscaping, make sure your CPI yard sign and window stickers are visible from the road to help deter any suspicious activity. 

Secure important valuables.  

For an added layer of protection, secure important valuables and documents in a home safe or another secret and secure location in your home. 

Stop mail and newspapers.  

A crowded mailbox or multiple newspapers in the driveway can serve as a beacon for criminals. Stop your mail and newspapers before leaving, or have a trusted friend or neighbor pick them up daily. If you’re wondering how to stop your mail for vacation, learn more about holding mail with the USPS.

Leave information with a trusted friend or neighbor.   

It’s critical to have a secondary emergency contact while you’re away. In the event of an emergency, you should also leave a key with someone you trust. 

Pro Tip: Did you know that instead of a key, you can create a unique access code for your friend or neighbor with your CPI Smart Lock? That way, they‘ll be able to arm and disarm your CPI inTouch™ system if they need to water plants, drop off mail, or check on pets. 

Don’t share your plans online. 

Posting on social media while on vacation might sound like an opportunity to share exciting content; however, there is a time and place. Not only are friends following your posts, but burglars could be as well. Posting real-time vacation pictures could send a clear signal that you’re not home. For privacy and security purposes, wait to share your treasured vacation photos until you’ve gotten home from your trip.

Managing Your Smart Home Security Before Vacation 

Check that every door and window is locked.

In the hustle and bustle of heading out of town, it’s easy to think you checked the locks on every door and window. Allot time to run through and double-check that every door and window is shut and locked before your final departure.  

Pro Tip: For another layer of protection, your CPI door and window sensors will alert you of any suspicious activity if a door or window is opened while you’re away. 

Unplug any necessary devices. 

Protect your home devices and appliances from unexpected power surges by either unplugging them or plugging them into surge protectors to prevent damage. Speaking of devices and appliances, you should also make sure all are turned off before you leave. 

Use automated lighting to create the illusion that someone is home.  

Never leave lights and lamps on around the clock while you’re away, both for safety and the sake of your energy bill, but you can still use your lights to your advantage with automated lighting.  

Pro Tip: Light Controls are an excellent way to make it appear as though someone is home. Set your lights to turn on and off at certain times or integrate them to work with other elements of your smart home security system to create a complete smart home.

Set or schedule your thermostat.  

Speaking of your energy bill, ensuring your thermostat is programmed to energy-saving temperatures is critical when you are awayExperts recommend setting it at 85 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer months to save on energy costs.  

Pro Tip: If you have a Smart Thermostat, control your thermostat from anywhere directly on your smartphone or tablet. Control the temperature, set custom schedules, receive critical temperature alerts, and more. 

Ensure smoke detector batteries are charged.

When it comes to fire emergencies, you’re only protected if your safety alarms are operational. Check your batteries on all safety alarms before you head out on vacation. 

Pro Tip: If you have a CPI Smoke Detector, you’ll receive alerts for device tampering and low batteries so you can stay in the know. 

Peace of Mind, Home or Away

When it comes to being ready for your next trip away, being prepared is keyEnjoy the vacation you deserve – check these travel prep tips off your list and rest assured that we’ll keep watch while you’re away. 

Pro Tip: If you’d like to check in while you’re on vacation, use your CPI indoor and outdoor cameras to keep an eye on your home, pets, and more. Packages or deliveries? See everything at your front door with your CPI Video Doorbell Pro. For more information on everything home, smart security, and innovation, visit the CPI blog to learn more.  

It’s not just when you’re on vacation that you need to protect your home from break-ins. Check out more expert advice for keeping your home security around the clock.


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